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About me:


As a professional Belly dancer, teacher, part-time model and actress of over 15 years. I’ve seen and experienced it All!

I am a real person with a real-life and real challenge always striving for real solutions, paying it forward, to help others experience a peaceful and meaningful life!

I will assist you in finding your own Truth, experiencing Your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Sexual Reality the way You were meant to!

I am a seasoned Polymath Practitioner and student of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, with skills ranging from Specialised Kinesiology, Reiki Master & Audio Reiki Talk, Clean Language & Clean Space, Mental coaching, Massages, Professional Belly Dancer & Teacher, Co-founder of Kinesiology Isolation Movement (KIM).

With all these modules I design a tailored made program for you, followed by a life-changing 7 Episode Series called You-Nity! 

Specialised Kinesiology:

Are you tired, stressed and feeling low on energy? Feeling depressed and anxious? Kinesiology has the ability to change lives.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the art of muscle testing to find out what is happening in the body on n structural (muscles) level, biochemical (what you eat and hormones) and emotional (how emotions are making you strong or weak even draining your vital energy). Also if the environment is supporting you or has a negative impact on you.

How does a Kinesiology session work?

It can be done either physically, remotely or with a surrogate. Kinesiology consists of a talk session to find out where you are at, on all levels and what you feel you need or want to achieve. A muscle test is done to map your energy and corrections are done with the bodys energy system, to up your energy and emotional state to feel great and energised.

Reiki & Audio Reiki Talk:

Reiki is a natural energy-balancing system.
Reiki practitioners use a technique called hands-on healing through which a “natural energy”
is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the client in order to encourage emotional
or physical balance and well-being.
Audio Reiki Talk:

As Co-founder of ART (Audio Reiki Talk), I have found that People open up more easily and effectively when in the right energy.

A lot of people have a lot of questions about distance energy work and if it actually works, but we have such a passion, for Reiki and the powerful results it creates, that we decided to make use of audio as n medium to do Reiki.

We connect Reiki through an audio connection with the recipient in person or via a telephonic call or a video call. ART is a fusion of Reiki through audio waves and doing a talk session with the recipient where the ART practitioner listens and uses Reiki energy. This allows us to use the methods of holding space, reflecting and exchanging ideas with the recipient. To support and assist, we use the clean language system as an additional platform to ask the necessary questions, you need answers too.

What are the benefits of ART for the recipient? The recipient has a chance to talk with the ART practitioner which makes them feel heard and valued. While receiving Reiki energy through audio waves, the recipient gains insight and balance. The benefits are twofold solving the issues at hand through dialogue and receiving Reiki energy.

ART is a beautiful method with great results! It is done in an artful way and in Love and Light, always.

Clean Language & Clean Space:

Clean Language is a technique primarily used in counselling, psychotherapy and coaching but now also used in education, business, organisational change and health. It has been applied as a research interview technique called clean language interviewing.

Clean Language is a questioning and discussion technique used especially for discovering, exploring and working with people’s own personal metaphors. The word ‘metaphor’ here refers to thinking or expressing something in terms of a different concept or image.

Clean Space:

Clean Space is utilising the above method to build a model in the 3D space, so the client can experience it somatically as well.

Mental Coaching: 

My mental coaching was trialled and tested with professional sports people, competitive dancing and corporate performance. A well-defined outcome is designed and integrated for the whole person. This is crucial for optimal performance.

Mindset and a good dose of specialised Kinesiology to seal the deal are some of my tricks of the trade. Mental coaching is an art that is neglected by most performers.


To intergrade the concepts I work with. I use the art of massage to allow the body to communicate the new concepts, through to the nervous system. The massages I practice are not for relaxing and pampering purposes. It is a toolset to move energy through the body with the movement of touch. This allows the client to feel the energy move from muscle to muscle. It is a somatic experience aiding the balancing process of body, mind and emotions to ensure over well-being. You are welcome to enquire about the types of massages I practices. The key is establishing a good rapport on all levels with my client to get amazing results.

Belly Dance:

As a professional belly dancer and teacher, I saw how this modality has the ability to let people move through blocked patterns, which don’t serve them anymore. Because of this people would just shift to a different pattern, of doing and thinking, by acknowledging the new patterns and realising the free range of movement the body is actually capable of. The isolation allows the person to do what we call layering which in itself is a lot like life….there is always another or more than one mountain to climb. Once the mind realises the body can do all of these isolation movements while adding more movement on top of another, the mind becomes almost indestructible! I give private classes, facilitate a three-hour high-impact Belly dance workshop and teach weekly classes for men and women. I perform professionally at venues, parties, functions and corporate events/team building. You are welcome to contact me for bookings.

Kinesiology Isolation Movement (KIM)

Kinesiology Isolation Movement  (KIM) is a specialised movement method that has the ability to influence participants bringing them back into balance.

It is a polymath method that combines elements of touch for health kinesiology with isolation movement deriving from Belly Dance.

KIM  also significantly contributes too assisting participants to be fully functional in life, and reaching their true potential.

KIM can be used as a one-on-one session or groups and in a corporate environment as team building and wellness sessions.


KIM can successfully address:

  • Anxiety
  • Co-ordination
  • Concentration
  • Emotional stress
  • Flexibility problems
  • Learning difficulties including dyslexia
  • General coping skills
  • Goal setting / balancing
  • Physical pain
  • Posture problems
  • Raising the body’s energy
  • Trauma etc.

You-Nity Program

You-Nity Program is a flagship program presented exclusively by Zelmia Roda and  TheConfidant.

Make Your experiences come to Life!

The key to a conscious, joyous and meaningful life

The Craft off Polymath Concepts “  You-Nity program.”


I invite you to acquire and experience what was not taught or shared, which is crucial for integrated living and success. Polymath Concepts are that key.

Welcome to a world of concepts, metaphors, movement, insight, truth, ancient knowledge, inner work, personal work and healing, that are artfully package and presented in a unique and unorthodox way, through verbal and energy transmission.

During our presentations we remain objectively present and grounded, while purposefully employing life force energy to evaluate and address the concepts, the insight and the integration of the content for a life changing experience.

We make your experience come to life!

Subjects Covered:

  1. How to respond to people and life.
  2. Making your Yes and No count and the importance of negotiation.
  3. Embracing and directing your creative energy for conscious performance.
  4. Getting rid of and transform negative energies and mental states.
  5.  Setting up off a conscious field to live to connect and communicate with people and life.
  6. Recalibrate your total being on all levels anywhere anytime.
  7. Consciously create your world in joy and with meaning.

The above subjects can be experienced and the craft acquired on the following platform. 

  1. Polymath Concepts embodiment work. (Movement) 
  2. Guided discovery talk. (NLP)
  3. Interactive exploration. (Kinesiology)
  4. Concept sharing. (Polymath Concepts)
  5. Unconventional approach. (Special Forces style)


Training and educating people are an important part of what I do and contribute. The following courses are presented as 3-hour high-impact courses by me and more extensive courses are available on request.

Reiki well-being 3-hour high-impact course will get you functional to do hands-on energy healing on your loved ones and pets. It is a great introduction to energy healing would you be interested to do more extensive courses like Reiki 1, 2 and masters.

Energy massage course: is also a 3-hour high-impact course to enable you to treat a partner or loved one with a beautiful soft relaxing touch.


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